Greenleaf Innovations Ltd was founded in 2010 by Maciek Kawecki and Chris Kawecki, a Father and Son team. Their view was to help Britain build a sustainable future through energy efficient design, quality construction and the appropriate application of renewable technologies in buildings.

Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Building, Sustainable Future

Greenleaf Innovations Ltd help our clients become more resilient to fuel price rises, to construct healthy, quiet, low energy buildings and to live a green, more sustainable life. As well as offering a range of renewable energy products we are one of the few contractors in the UK with Passivhaus Designer knowledge.

Going Green with Greenleaf Innovations Ltd

We are committed to the promotion and uptake of sustainable energy solutions where sensible and feasible and frequently help promote other ethical companies that we believe in. As such we have strong partnerships across the country with some of Britain’s leading environmental companies. In addition we have an affiliate scheme with Good Energy (who provide 100% renewable energy) whereby any Greenleaf Innovations customer that joins Good Energy via our referral will receive £50 from Good Energy!

Affordable Technology for All

Greenleaf Innovations Ltd offers you the latest technology in order to make sustainable solutions both realistic and accessible for all. Whatever the application, be it a domestic refurbishment or a new commercial property, we can provide a solution. In most new build cases, we can usually offer an extremely energy efficient Passivhaus building for the same build cost as a more standard construction. When construction costs are the same but there are huge savings to be had on bills then the sustainable solution is not only the most sensible but also the most economical.

Innovative Thinking

At Greenleaf Innovations we look to the future and are constantly developing new research and practical building solutions. We work closely with academia and utilise innovative techniques such as soil rehydration (for Subsidence issues) and hydrovacs for neat, minimal disruption ground works.

Our services in the South West (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset) include:

  • Domestic solar panel installation
  • Domestic ground source heat pump installation

Our services nationwide include:

  • Commercial solar panel installation
  • Ground source heat pumps for landlords and social housing
  • Passivhaus design and build
  • Subsidence remediation and repair including tree root barriers