Subsidence remediation & repair

Maciek Kawecki, Director of Greenleaf Innovations Ltd has over twenty years of experience remediating and repairing subsidence induced damage to property.

Have you discovered a crack in your building? Subsidence is the term to describe the movement of a building’s foundations. Subsidence is usually due to the one of the following causes:

  • In areas with a high concentration of clay in the soil, a prolonged dry spell can cause the water table to drop, and therefore movement/shrinkage of the soil to occur.
  • Where trees and bushes have grown under the foundations and unsettled the building and dried out the soil supporting the building, especially in clay soils.
  • Where a water leakage from a broken drainpipe or mains pipe washes soil away from the foundations.
  • In areas with soil that has a high sand or gravel content, or sometimes chalk.
  • In areas where there has been previous mining activity.

Subsidence repair work

Working with Consulting Engineers such as Subsidence Management Ltd, we have completed works for a range of national insurance companies, local authorities and private clients. Depending upon the severity of the damage, these repairs range from basic wall repairs through to full underpinning and renovation of property.

Tree Root Barriers

Subsidence can be induced by localised drying out of the supporting soil resulting in cracks in the building. Trees and other vegetation are often the cause of such soil shrinkage (especially in clay) if their root network extends to below the foundations of the building. The normal course of action is to remove the tree, but sometimes this is not desirable/possible, for example some trees are protected by law. If tree roots are found to be the cause then a root barrier can prove to be a quick and cost effective alternative to underpinning with minimal disruption for the affected property’s occupier and the tree can remain intact. Our specialist team will evaluate, design and install a suitable root barrier for you.

Soil Rehydration

Where significant damage has been caused by a clay shrinkage subsidence problem, it can take several years for the buildings to recover sufficiently to allow repairs to be carried out without the risk of residual cracks forming. As an alternative to underpinning, we can install our patented soil rehydration system to induce early recovery of the building and closure of cracks to allow repairs to proceed and reduce the cost of repairs generally.

Soil rehydration for subsidence remediation (M Kawecki)

Soil rehydration for subsidence remediation (M Kawecki)

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Greenleaf Innovations have worked with private individuals and at the behest of insurers to remediate and repair a range of subsidence issues. If you require an experienced, knowledgeable company to undertake your works then please contact us via the contact page, phone on 01454 324807  or email We look forward to talking to you.