Subsidence induced by tree roots

Remediation and mitigation

Maciek Kawecki, Director of Greenleaf Innovations Ltd has over twenty years of experience remediating and repairing subsidence induced damage to property.

Greenleaf Innovations Ltd focuses on addressing the root cause of subsidence/heave caused by the presence of or removal of vegetation and trees.

Have you discovered a crack in your building? Subsidence is the term to describe the downward movement of a building’s foundations. Subsidence is usually due to the one of the following causes:

  • In areas of shrinkable clay soils, a prolonged dry spell can cause drying of the clay, and therefore movement/shrinkage of the soil to occur.
  • Roots from vegetation can cause localised drying of clay soils thus leading to cracks developing in the buildings.
  • Where a water leakage from a broken drainpipe or mains pipe washes soil away from the foundations.
  • In areas where there has been previous mining activity.
  • Where buildings are constructed on fill material.

Subsidence remediation and mitigation work

Working with Consulting Engineers such as Subsidence Management Ltd, we have completed works for a range of national insurance companies, local authorities and private clients. We specialise in solutions to subsidence that has been induced by nearby trees and vegetation and where possible we will endeavour to ensure that the vegetation can be saved in order to preserve the local environment.

Our approach is very cost effective in comparison to other options (e.g. underpinning) and can enable us to mitigate many issues through an application of specialist below ground tree surgery and basic landscaping. Best of all, our approach will not usually require alterations to the building itself.

We are able to offer surveys to identify the cause of subsidence that is affecting your home. Please contact us for more information.

Soil rehydration for subsidence remediation (M Kawecki)

Soil rehydration for subsidence remediation (M Kawecki)

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