Subsidence remediation & repairs

Greenleaf Innovations utilise underpinning, tree root barriers and soil rehydration techniques to repair and prevent subsidence damage on a range of buildings.

Dr Maciek Kawecki, Expert Witness of the Law Society and Director of Greenleaf Innovations Ltd has over twenty years of experience remediating and repairing subsidence induced damage to property.

Subsidence and Listed Buildings

Listed buildings can provide several challenges when affected by subsidence, not least because the repair costs are likely to be significant. Greenleaf Innovations Ltd are able to offer standard approaches such as underpinning, but where possible prefer to utilise an approach that addresses the cause of the subsidence issues whilst restoring the building. Where the subsidence is caused by tree roots inducing clay shrinkage, a combination of tree root barrier and soil rehydration is effective (an approach used by us at Cambridge University).

Subsidence and Local Authorities

Dr Kawecki works with local authorities and their insurers nationally to ensure that their subsidence issues are managed cost effectively. He has been able to save several authorities millions of pounds in claims.

Tree Root Barriers

Subsidence caused by the localised drying of the supporting soil will often result in cracks in the building. The underlying cause of this is often the root network of nearby trees and other vegetation where the network extends to below the foundations of the building. A potential course of action is to remove the problem trees, though there is a potential for heave. Sometimes however, the removal of trees/vegetation is either not desirable or not possible. For example, due to a Tree Protection Order (TPO). Underpinning of a property is both expensive and disruptive, whereas a tree root barrier installation can provide a quick and cost effective alternative. The root trespass and subsequent effects are mitigated, the offending trees can be maintained and the occupiers of the affected property will suffer as little disruption as possible. Greenleaf Innovations Ltd would be happy to design and install a root barrier for you. Please see our page on Tree Root Barriers for more information.

Soil Rehydration

Where significant damage has been caused by a clay shrinkage subsidence problem, it can take several years for the buildings to recover sufficiently to allow repairs to be carried out without the risk of residual cracks forming. As an alternative to underpinning, we can install our patented soil rehydration system to induce early recovery of the building and closure of cracks to allow repairs to proceed and reduce the cost of repairs generally.



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Greenleaf Innovations have worked with private individuals and at the behest of insurers to remediate and repair a range of subsidence issues. If you require an experienced, knowledgeable company to undertake your works then please contact us via the contact page, phone on 01454 324807 or email We look forward to talking to you.