Get rewarded – 4 Reasons to utilise Green technology

1. Feed In Tariffs

The Feed in Tariffs (FITs) provide the installation owner with a payment for the clean energy that they generate. There are two parts to this tariff, the generation tariff and the export tariff.

Generation tariff – the largest FITs payment comes from the generation tariff. The generation tariffs are tiered based on the size (in kW) of your installation with systems of up to 4kW total installed capacity receiving the highest payment. For every kWh that you generate, you will be paid a generation tariff.

Export tariff – A smaller tariff paid for every kWh that you export back to the National Grid. For installations smaller than 30kWp, the number of kWh that you export will be deemed to be 50% of your total generation as most property electricity meters cannot ‘count’ reverse flows. Larger generators will require an export meter.

2. Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provides the installation owner with a payment for the heat that they produce. There are two incentives available; one for domestic customers and one for commercial customers (the non-domestic RHI). Sectors eligible for the non-domestic RHI include commercial; social housing; house building; industrial; public; and not-for-profit although domestic district heating schemes also qualify for the non-domestic RHI.

3. Reduce your energy bills

Just as valuable as any payment to you, is not needing to pay for energy in the first place! Through the utilisation of energy efficiency, generating your own electricity and improving the efficiencies of your heating system you will stand to enjoy a substantial benefit from savings even without the feed in tariffs and renewable heat incentive.

4. Environment and Ethics

Open new business opportunities for your company by demonstrating your commitment to sustainable development and a responsible approach to the Environment. The adoption of renewable energy, renewable heat and energy efficiency should be incorporated into your Environmental Management plan to help achieve ISO14001 accreditation.