An introduction to solar panels for business or agriculture

Solar panels can be an excellent investment for commercial property, small and large businesses and those in the agricultural trade. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a suitable large roof space, as a ground mounted array is also a great option.

Solar photovoltaics is a very exciting technology. Not only are solar panels a low carbon, green technology for the production of clean energy but they also enable the business owner to take charge of their energy. Solar PV is very low maintenance doesn’t make any noise and can be installed with the minimum of fuss.

The term photovoltaics is used to describe the direct conversion of light into electrical energy using solar cells. Many types of materials are used as semiconductors for this conversion, but silicon crystalline solar cells are by far the most common as silicon is abundantly available.

I’ve written several pages on the site to give you a basic understanding of how solar cells work, the different types of technology on the market, the process of the installation and how to ‘get rewarded’ from your solar photovoltaic installation. I’m a great believer in solar power and despite having been involved with solar panel installations for years and understanding the science behind them, I still find it incredible that we can create electricity from sunlight.

It’s a great feeling to switch on your installation for the first time and know that the electricity powering your business isn’t coming from a huge central power plant half way across the country, but is being harvested quietly from your rooftop or ground mounted array. You’ll be amazed by the effect that a solar PV installation can have on your bills. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

Chris Kawecki

Director, Greenleaf Innovations Ltd



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