Solar panels: from enquiry to certification

If you have made the decision to go ahead with a solar panel system, here is what you can expect from the installation process.


  1. Enquiry
    To make your enquiry either call us on 01454 324807, send an email to or use our contact form.For a domestic solar enquiry ask for Chris – then I’ll arrange to discuss how best we can help you.
  2. Estimate
    A desktop study will be conducted to provide you with an estimated system size, price and returns. We will usually maintain or sometimes even reduce the estimated price following the survey, though would ask that you realise that we will not be able to provide a comprehensive quotation without a site visit. See our Price Guidefor an idea of the cost of installing solar panels.
  3. Planning
    Planning permission issually not needed with a Solar PV installation as theytend to be permitted developments. However, planning will likely be required if any of the following apply:
  4. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)Energy Performance diagram
    It is best to organise an EPC as early as possible in order to determine if you will be able to achieve your desired payback period. The Feed in Tariffs are tiered based on the energy efficiency of the building. You’ll need a property in Band D or above to achieve the highest rate of generation tariff. You can either organise the EPC yourself or we can organise it on your behalf.
  5. Survey
    I will visit you to check the dimensions of the available roof space,  the condition of your roof structure, the condition of your electrical installation and to discuss the installation process with you. We will need to ensure that there is an appropriate space available for mounting the inverters.
  6. Design and quotation
    Following the survey I will be able to design and quote for a suitable solar panel installation for your property and your budget.
  7. Installation
    In the majority of cases the actual installation of the panels and wiring takes one day, sometimes two. Scaffolding will be erected the day before we start. The installation team will usually consist of a project manager, two roofers and two electricians. See our section on the installation process for more details.
  8. Building Regulations
    These will be certified under Competent Persons Schemes so there is no need for you to pay building control fees etc for the work.
  9. Feed In TariffsGet rewarded
    See the section ‘Get Rewarded’ for further information. With your EPC and MCS certificate you will be able to apply for the tariffs. These are usually straight forward, but I’ll be happy to fill out the majority of the application with you whilst the installation takes place.
  • You live in national park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • You live in a listed building, or within the grounds (or ‘curtilage’) of a listed building
  • You live in a new development where the local authority has removed some of your permitted development rights
  • Your system will be mounted on the ground or a flat roof
Contact Us
If you’re looking to generate your own energy and think that solar power might be the answer then please contact us via the Contact Page, phone on 01454 324807 or email We look forward to talking to you.