About Greenleaf Innovations

Greenleaf Innovations Ltd was founded in 2010 by Maciek Kawecki and Chris Kawecki, a Father and Son team.

Based near Bristol, Greenleaf Innovations has developed to undertake specialist works to prevent and mitigate localised subsidence caused by trees and vegetation. We achieve this by targeting the root of the problem by dealing with the trees themselves, rather than repeatedly trying to repair the fabric of a building.

At Greenleaf Innovations we look to the future and are constantly developing new research and practical building solutions. We work closely with academia and utilise innovative techniques such as soil rehydration (for severe clay shrinkage issues) and hydrovacs for neat, minimal disruption landscaping.

Our services nationwide include:

  • Subsidence remediation
  • Tree root barriers
  • Heave mitigation and intervention
  • Soil rehydration techniques