Benefits of solar panels for business & agriculture

Solar PV isn’t just for homeowners – hundreds of businesses across the country are benefiting from generating their own renewable energy.

Installing a solar PV system will allow you to:

  • Save on bills and build resiliency for your business against future price rises
  • Benefit from index-linked returns of more than 10%, guaranteed for the next 20 years
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable development and a responsible approach to the environment to customers and suppliers
  • Use roof space to generate an income stream
  • Incorporate the installation of a renewable energy generator into your Environmental Management plan to help achieve ISO14001 accreditation.

Bills and benefits of solar power

Get rewardedWe have all come to expect increases in energy costs and, as non-renewable resources become increasingly scarce or difficult to access, the trend of rising costs shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses can develop resilience to these increases through the addition of an appropriately designed solar PV system, matched to the circumstances of the owner.

Not only can you reduce your electricity bill by using the solar energy that you produce, you can also benefit by receiving a Feed in Tariff (FIT), which is paid to you by your electricity supplier.

The Feed-in Tariffs will ensure that you are paid for every kWh that you generate, regardless as to whether it is used on site or exported to the grid. If you are generating surplus electricity, it is exported to the National Grid. Exporting gives you an additional payment for your energy thanks to the Export Tariff.

The most efficient way to maximise benefit from your system is to use the energy usefully in the day to day running of the business. For every kWh used in this way you will have made a saving on not needed to import from the grid and you will receive FITs income for having generated green energy.

The combined benefits of Feed-in Tariffs and energy savings ensure that the cost of your installation will be repaid over a period of time – and the faster the mains electricity prices increase, the more quickly your payback period will be realised. After the payback period you will still enjoy the benefits of the system and the return on your investment.

Going Green

Solar panels provide you with clean, green electricity with minimal disruption. The installation will quietly produce energy for use within a property and will reduce the requirement for grid electricity from non-renewable sources. If you’d like to source all of your electricity requirements from renewable sources, then we’d highly recommend switching suppliers to either Good Energy or Ecotricity.

Sometimes demonstrating that your company takes energy saving and environmental issues seriously, can help secure you to win business deals. Installing a solar panel system is often a straight forward and attractive option, allowing a business to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices whilst securing an additional income stream from unused roof space.


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